Eleven Table Tennis Vs Racket Fury: Which One’s Better?

Eleven Table Tennis Vs Racket Fury

Before buying or choosing one of the eleven table tennis or racket fury, many players want to know the differences between eleven table tennis and racket fury so that make a good decision.

There are 12 differences between eleven table tennis and racket fury.

In this article, I will explain each difference in detail so that you can make an informed decision on which game is better for you.

Eleven Table Tennis Vs Racket Fury: 12 differences

1. Gameplay Modes

Eleven table tennis offers five different gameplay modes: Singles, Doubles, Team Match, Tournament, and Multiplayer. Singles mode is the most basic, offering single-player against computer opponents. Doubles mode allows up to 2 players to compete against each other.

Team Match lets up to 8 players battle against each other across 3 teams. The tournament mode requires players to compete against others from around the world. Finally, the multiplayer mode lets up to 4 players play head-to-head against each other.

Racket fury has only three modes: Single Player, Online Multiplayer, and Tournament. modes allow players to compete against computer opponents or human opponents via the internet.

2. Single-Player Options

Eleven table tennis and racket furry both offer single-player matches against the AI of your Oculus Quest Avatar, locally or online. However, Eleven Table Tennis offers a greater variety of single-player modes, such as Title Defense (against computer opponents), Party Mode (where you play against friends), and real-time matchmaking.

Racket Fury only has one mode – Versus. Versus lets you play head-to-head matches with a friend or AI player. There’s no option to create custom players or parties, so Racket Fury may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a lot of single-player content.

Eleven Table Tennis has more advanced gameplay features than Racket Fury, including tactical opportunities that arise when playing against an AI player. For example, if your opponent is serving and they have chosen to play a defensive shot, you can use your returns to set up an attacking opportunity. Racket Fury does not offer this level of player customization.

3. Multiplayer Options

Eleven table tennis offers more multiplayer options than Racket Fury. These include: casual matches (up to 4 players), ranked matches (1–8 players), and tournaments with different rulesets. 

Racket Fury only has two multiplayer modes: Tournaments and online multiplayer. While both games offer a variety of different game types, Eleven table tennis outshines Racket Fury in this area. It has a much wider range of multiplayer options, giving you more ways to enjoy the game with your friends.

4. Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Eleven Table Tennis offers a more advanced experience than Racket Fury. For example, you can use strategic shots to earn points and gain an advantage over your opponent. Racket Fury does not offer this level of player customization.

Eleven Table Tennis allows for more customization than Racket Fury. You can adjust everything from shot type (top spin, flat, smash, etc.), to table size and spin. This gives you a lot more control over how your matches play out.

Include Multi-Ball Mode (2 players), Power Shots (up to 4 players), and Double Faults. Racket Fury only offers the Single Ball Mode.

5. Style

Style is an important consideration when choosing a ping pong game. Racket fury offers a simulation-style game at their latest ping pong simulation title. The realism and authenticity of the game are almost impossible to match with any other game like eleven table tennis because it uses realistic physics.

On the contrary, a more arcadey approach of racket fury makes players feel they are playing a real life sport that may be too unrealistic but fun!

Eleven Table Tennis, on the other hand, offers more advanced gameplay features and player customization. This gives you more control over how your matches play out, which can be important if you want to take your game to the next level.

6. Feature Set

When it comes to the feature sets, both games offer a good range of features for their respective price points. Eleven table tennis offers some extra features such as online leaderboard rankings and achievements, while Racket Fury also includes online multiplayer and PvP modes.

7. Graphics and Sound

However, Eleven Table Tennis has the edge in terms of graphics quality – especially when it comes to character animations and table visuals. Racket Fury’s overall look is also more polished than Eleven Table Tennis’, but the gameplay itself is essentially the same. 

Both games offer visually stunning environments and high-quality sound effects. The music in both games is pleasing and relaxing, but Racket Fury’s soundtrack is better overall. 

8. Control

Racket Fury offers a few ball controls, including topspin, and backspin. Eleven Table Tennis has four main ball controls: Top Spin, Back Spin, side Spain, and Smash Spin. Each one of these spins has different strengths and weaknesses. 

9. Difficulty Levels

Racket Fury offers 5 difficulty levels: Master, Expert, Hard, Medium, and Easy. The higher the difficulty level, the harder the game becomes. Players can choose between Normal and Pro versions of the game.

Eleven Table Tennis has 10 difficulty levels: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Superstar, Legend, Grandmaster, Champion, and World Champion.

10. Winner-Take-All Mode

Eleven Table Tennis offers a straightforward winner-take-all mode where the first player to win two games automatically wins the match. In Racket Fury, the game can go either way – the first player to win three games wins the match.

11. Cross-platform

Racket Fury and Eleven Table Tennis are both available on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. This means that you can play the game on your computer or console at home, or take it with you on the go – perfect for when friends come over to visit. In addition, both games come with a free app that makes it easier to control the game and share your scores with other players.

12. Community and Support

Eleven Table Tennis has a much larger and more active community than Racket Fury. This means that you’ll be able to find more advice, tips, and tricks on the forums or in social media groups associated with the game. In addition, Eleven Table Tennis offers official tournament support, which Racket Fury does not currently do.

Based on these features, we would say that Eleven Table Tennis is a better game overall.

Which Game Is Better for Beginners?

Eleven Table tennis is better for beginners because it’s easier to learn how to play and control. Racket Fury can be more challenging, but it’s also possible to learn how to play it fairly quickly. If you’re an experienced player, then Racket Fury may be the better choice – but if you’re new to table tennis, Eleven Table Tennis is definitely a better option.

Does VR table tennis make you better at real table tennis?

In a study published in PLOS ONE, the researchers found that spending time playing the virtual world game Eleven: Table Tennis improved real-life table tennis skills. They found that the game improved players’ “accuracy, precision, decision making, and motor skills” while they were playing table tennis in real life. Read more


As you can see from our blog, eleven table tennis offers a much richer gameplay experience than racket fury. Its single-player options are great, its multiplayer options are even better, and the graphics and sound are top notch. In addition, it has a growing community and support system that makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a challenging and fun game. We believe that people who are looking for a quality table tennis game should definitely try out 11 table tennis.


Which one is better: rackets for beginners or for intermediate players?

Both games are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. However, Racket Fury may be more challenging for those who are new to the game, while eleven Table Tennis is simpler and easier to learn.

Is it possible to play both 11-table tennis and racket fury at the same time?

It is possible to play both games simultaneously.

Does it matter which kind of paddle I use in eleven table tennis vs racket fury?

No, you can use any type of paddle that is compatible with the game.

Does Eleven Table Tennis burn calories?

Yes, the game does burn calories.

Eleven table tennis or racket fury? : r/OculusQuest

If you’re new to table tennis, I’d recommend playing eleven table tennis. It’s simpler and easier to learn than racket fury, and the community is larger and more active. If you’ve played a little bit of table tennis before, then Racket Fury may be a better choice – it’s still an easy game to pick up, but it offers more challenge and variety.

How do you play 11 on beer pong?

In Eleven Table Tennis, you use the same objects and rules as regular table tennis – just hit the ball into your opponent’s cup. In beer pong, each player instead throws a half-liter (1.05 gallons) of beer in an attempt to score points by getting their opponents’ cups filled with foam.

What is ping compensation in eleven table tennis?

Ping compensation is a feature of the game that allows for more realistic ball movement and improved table tennis gameplay. It works by tracking the movements of the player’s opponent and adjusting the speed, power, and direction of balls in response.