How Big Is a Ping Pong Ball? (size, weight, and diameter)

How Big Is a Ping Pong Ball

Ping pong balls come in a range of different sizes, which can affect the way they are played and the strategies that are used. How big is a ping pong ball? The answer will not be very big.

The big ball of ping pong in ping pong balls is 40 millimeters or 4 centimeters,1.57 inches in diameter. and weighs around 2.7 grams or 0.095 ounces. That’s about 2 times bigger than a normal ping pong ball. The ball diameter was originally 38 mm, but in 2000, it was changed to 40 mm.

In this article, we’ll discuss weight, diameter, and size so that you can get a better understanding of just how big a ping pong ball is.

How Big Is a Ping Pong Ball?

How Big Is a Ping Pong Ball?

In 1901 when James w. Gibb discovers the ping pong ball. At that time the ping pong ball size was 38mm and made from celluloid. It was decided in 2000 to increase the ping pong ball diameter from 38mm to 40mm. and In 2000 the ping pong ball size increased from 38 mm to 40 mm.

Dimension and weight

The diameter of a big ping pong ball is around 40 millimeters or 4 centimeters,1.55 inches. and weighs around 2.7 grams or 0.07 ounces. and circumference is 4.94 | 125.6mm.

Two parameters determine the size of a table tennis ball:

1) diameter

2) circumference.

What was the reason behind increasing the size of the ball from 38mm to 40mm?

The International Table Tennis Federation decided to make table tennis a better spectator sport by changing the ball diameters from 38mm to 40mm. This decision was made to change the ball’s playability and shape.

Are There Different Sizes of Ping Pong Balls?

Table tennis balls come in two sizes, 3.8 cm (38 mm), and 4 cm (40 mm). The 3.8 cm balls are the old standard while the 4 cm ones are the new standard. The 38 mm table tennis ball is still available on the market.

And some players still use the old standard table tennis balls. But the 4 cm balls are much more popular than the 3.8 cm ones. There are some reasons for the popularity of the 4 cm balls. One reason is that 4 cm (1.6 inches) is the official size of the table tennis ball.

Which balls are better for beginner table tennis players? The 3.8 cm balls are better for beginners because they are softer and easier to hit. The 4 cm balls are harder and better for advanced players.

What does a table tennis ball weigh?

According to current international standards, the table tennis ball weighs 2.7 grams (0.095 oz). If the table tennis ball weight is larger than the official 2.7g, it can create some disadvantages for the game.

The first disadvantage is that it would be harder to control the table tennis ball. This would make playing the game more challenging. The second disadvantage is that hitting the ball accurately would become more difficult. Finally, the ball may bounce off the table in unusual ways, which can disrupt the game.

If the table tennis ball is lighter than this then it may not be as stable when hit and will be more difficult to control. This can make it inconvenient for the player to play. In the end, winning points getting can be difficult.

How does the size and weight of a ping pong ball affect its gameplay?

The size and weight of a ping-pong ball have an effect on the gameplay, as they affect the speed and spin of the ball.

The weight of a ping-pong ball affects how fast it moves; a heavier ball will move slower than a lighter one. The size affects the amount of spin that can be imparted on the ball; a smaller ball can be spin more than a larger one. These two factors combined affect the gameplay, as they determine how fast the game is played and how much control players have over the movement of the ball.

What are the different qualities of ping pong balls?

When it comes to ping pong balls, there are several different quality levels comes. Such as high-quality balls, normal balls, and low-quality balls.

1) High-quality balls

2) Normal balls

3) Low-quality balls

The following materials are usually used to make different qualities of ping pong balls:

1) plastic

2) rubber

3) celluloid

4) rubberized

1. high-quality balls

High-quality balls are the best quality balls for advanced and international players. These balls are used in professional table tennis tournaments. These balls are made from polyurethane. Furthermore, high-quality balls are much harder and more durable than normal balls.

2. normal balls

The normal balls are the ones that are used in amateur ping pong matches and semi-professional games. The normal balls are cheaper than the high-quality balls. These balls are softer than the high-quality balls. and these are the ones that are most commonly available in the market.

3. low-quality balls

The low-quality balls are the ones that are used for children, training, and beginner players. They are the cheapest balls. These balls are not as durable as the normal balls. and these are easily broken after some time.

The ping-pong ball and a Golf ball – Which one is bigger

The golf ball is bigger than the ping-pong ball. Golf balls are 42.67mm and 1.68 inches in diameter. A ping pong ball measures 40 mm in diameter and 1.6 inches in height.

ping pong ball Size

40mm | 1.6 inches

Golf ball Size

42.67 mm| 1.68 inches

What Are Ping Pong Ball Star Ratings?

Ping pong ball star ratings are a system that is designed to help players find the right ping pong ball for them. And in other words, the quality of a ping pong ball can be determined by using star ratings.

There are three main types of star ratings: one star, Two stars, and Three stars.

one star

These table tennis balls are of the lowest quality and they are not recommended for regular use. These balls are designed for beginner players and school-age players who want to start practicing. They don’t perform well under pressure and will not last long. They have low durability and they will break easily.

Two stars

These table tennis balls are better than the one-star balls. They are recommended for intermediate players. They are more durable than the one-star balls. They are more stable and they are not as easy to break.

Three stars

These ping pong balls are of the highest quality. Three-starred balls are recommended for advanced players and serious players. because a three-starred ball is an official ball of professional competition. And a 3-star ball is approved by United States Table tennis (USATT). They offer more spin, control, and durability than the two-star balls. They are more stable and they are not as easy to break. In addition, These balls are the most expensive and will last the longest. Read more.


In this article, we explored the different dimensions of ping pong balls – their size, weight, and diameter. Additionally, we looked into the reason behind the increasing size of the ball from 38mm to 40mm and found out that there are different sizes of table tennis balls. We also discussed the different qualities of ping pong balls. Finally, we’ve compiled a list of table tennis Ball Star Ratings so that you can find the perfect ball for your needs!


Why should the ball be made up of plastic material in table tennis?

There are a few reasons why the ball should be made up of plastic material in table tennis. The most critical reason is that it’s extremely durable. The ball will not easily break or tear, even when hit by powerful shots. It also stays stable in the air for a long time which makes it easier to control and make accurate shots.

What does 40+ refer to on the ping-pong balls?

When the International table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved the new type of table tennis ball which is called a plastic ball, for competition. After that, the rules of ITTF also increased the size allowance of plastic balls.

The diameter of a celluloid ball is 39.6mm, whereas the new plastic balls measure 40.2mm. This means the plastic balls are around 0.5mm larger than the celluloid ball. For this reason, these balls are marked with the number “40+”.

What kind of ping-pong balls are used by the Olympics?

The regulations for the Olympics require that if you want to compete and deserve a medal, your ball must be 40mm in diameter and weigh 2.7g. and the color of the ball should be white or orange.

What balls do professional table tennis players use?

Professional table tennis players use 40+ balls or new plastic table tennis balls.  These are the highest quality balls on the market and are specifically designed for professional table tennis players.

How many ping pong balls can fit into a 747?

There are a total of 5694142 table tennis balls that can fit into a 747.

Are beer pong balls the same size as ping pong balls?

Yes, beer pong balls and ping pong balls are the same sizes.