Joola Inside 13 Review ( Space Saver + Good For Beginner)

Joola inside 13 review

If you’re a beginner at ping pong, and you don’t have much space for a ping pong table.

And you want a table that can be easily moved and fits into a limited space. and gives features such as a regulation-size ping pong table.

This type of table is designed by joola. which is known as Joola inside 13 regulation-size indoor ping pong table.

We will explain all the features and benefits of the Joola Inside 13 table in detail in this Joola Inside 13 review article.


Table weight: 119 Pounds

Table dimension: 9ft x 5ft x 2.5ft

storage dimension: 62in x 22in x 64in

Apron size: 20x10mm

Assembly time: 20 minutes

Table top thickness: 13mm

Joola inside 13 review

Joola inside 13 review

Made: Mdf And Alloy steel

Use: Indoor only

Color: Blue


The table top of Joola inside 13 is constructed from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). It is a very durable material.

This material is used to make a strong and durable table top since it is designed to resist moisture, scratches, warping, and cracking.

The thickness of this ping pong table is 13mm, which is low compared to the Joola inside 25 table, Joola inside 18 table, and Joola inside 15 table.

But 13mm thickness is good enough for just novice players and provides good bounce, speed, and play.

This table has a dark blue top with a silk-screened white stripe design that is printed directly on the tabletop and is then cured by ultra violet light in order to create a playing surface that is smooth, durable, and consistent.


The joola inside 13 ping pong table legs and frame are made of alloy steel and the legs also are covered by a black powder-coated finish.

Each leg size is 25x25mm, giving the JOOLA Inside 13 Table an incredibly sturdy base that can easily withstand regular play.

The legs are resistant to scratches, rust, and any other form of damage. These steel legs are foldable, which makes the table easy to store and transport.

The joola inside 13 table top is 2 pieces. Eight legs support these two pieces.

rubber leg levelers

The joola inside 13 table has four rubber leg levelers. One rubber leg leveler is under each leg of the four legs.

These leg levelers offer several advantages. First, they keep your floors scratch-free as the rubber levelers absorb shock and prevent damage to an underlying surface.

Additionally, these adjustable levelers also allow you to customize the height of each leg to make sure the playing surface is level.

This is essential for enjoying a smooth, even game that won’t be disrupted by a slanted playing field. 

2 Inch caster wheels

The joola inside 13 table has eight caster wheels. There are two caster wheels under each of the mid-four legs.

The casters are two-inch in size, which offers a few benefits. First, two-inch caster wheels offer easy movement and maneuverability.

As such, you can easily move the table around your space or store it away when not in use.

As a second feature, the two-inch black caster wheels come with locking devices to ensure stability during play as well as safety during storage.

The locking devices keep the table in place so you can begin your game without worrying about the table slipping or moving. 

1.5-inch steel tube aprons

The 1.5-inch steel tube aprons play an important role in providing support to the tournament-quality JOOLA inside 13 tabletop, allowing for an even bounce across the entire surface of the table so that you can enjoy a competitive game.

The aprons also provide added stability, ensuring that your tabletop will remain level and consistent for years to come.

Additionally, it features a black matte powder coating and silkscreen JOOLA logos, adding to its durability and style.


The net of the Joola inside 13 table is made up of high-quality material that is designed to provide strong tension and outstanding playability.

It comes with adjustable posts, which can be used to adjust the height and tension according to your preference.

This ensures that the net will stay straight and secure during your match. Its clamp-style system allows you to attach and detach it easily and quickly.

Independent Table Halves

The table top of the joola inside 13 table is 2 pieces. Both pieces can easily be separated and folded for separate use.

Each piece can be used for a variety of tasks, including dining, working, studying, and playing board games.

And when the two pieces are connected, it will become a full-size ping pong table.

The two halves design of this table allows you to play with friends or practice your own game alone in playback mode. 

The table can be set up in a solo play mode by folding up one half against the other half. This is great for improving your ping pong skills or just for some fun practice.

Due to its two-half design, Joola inside 13 is easy to set up, move, and store. 

Safety Latch System

The Safety Latch System in the JOOLA Inside 13 ensures that your table remains securely locked in the upright position.

This system also prevents the table from unexpectedly unfolding during transport, playback mode, playing, storage, or setup, making it incredibly safe and reliable for both you and your family.

Additionally, this system also helps to protect against any accidental damage caused by the table suddenly unfolding.

joola inside 13 table is best for 

It is the most suitable ping pong table for beginners because of its 13 mm thickness. It is also good for kids, adults, and families who can enjoy playing together.

The joola inside 13 table is an indoor table and it is only for indoor use and can be placed anywhere in the house for playing and storing.

It is a 9×5 foot regulation-size ping pong table that can be used for both singles and doubles matches.

JOOLA Inside 13 Table assembly

The joola inside 13 table come 95% pre-assembled. You only need to attach the castor wheels to the legs.

This small step takes about 20 minutes and requires 2 adjustable wrenches. This table can be assembled safely and accurately by two people!

Joola inside 13 table Store and move process

The joola inside 13 table is designed to be easily moved and stored. This table consists of two halves, each half can be separated and folded.

so when you separate and fold each half then it can easily be stored in a very tight space.

This table has 2-inch caster wheels to make it very easier for you to move it from one place to another.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about moving and storing this table.

Does the joola inside 13 table come with a paddle, ball, or net?

The joola inside 13 table does not come with a paddle or ball, but it does come only with a net and post set.

  • Regulation-size table
  • Safety Latch System
  • Two halves design
  • Playback feature
  • Easy to store and move
  • Reasonable Price
  • Multi-use table
  • best for beginner
  • One year warranty
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • sometimes Screws fall out of the table.


The Joola Inside 13 Regulation-Size Indoor Ping Pong Table is a great choice for beginners and those who want to play with family or friends.

It features a Safety Latch System, two halves design, a playback feature, easy storage, and transportability as well as multi-uses. Also, it’s built to last and has a reasonable price.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good beginner table that is budget-friendly and offers features like a tournament-grade table then Joola Inside 13 Table is worth the investment.