Stiga Advantage Lite Review 2023 (Very Lightweight Table)

 Stiga advantage lite review

Many people do not like heavy ping pong tables. Because a heavyweight table creates problems for people and sometimes even harms people.

For this problem, I found a table in the ping pong market after a lot of research. which is very lightweight but gives full-size ping pong table features.

I am talking about the Stiga advantage lite recreational indoor table tennis table. Its weight is very less than Stiga advantage, advantage pro, and ST3600 tables.

With its lightweight feature, I will also show you its other features in this article. Because this article is about a complete Stiga advantage lite review.

Table Weight And Dimensions:

Storage Dimensions: 28″L x 60″W x 64″H

Play Dimensions: 108″L x 60″W x 30″H

Playback Dimensions: 66″L x 60″W x 64″H

Weight: 115 lbs

Table Parts Made:

Table surface Made: Particleboard

Legs made: Alloy steel

Apron made: 75″ welded steel tube

Other Specification:

Tabletop Thickness: 12.7mm (½)

Leg Thickness: 1″

Leg Levelers: four

2-inch lockable Wheels: A total of eight

Net: 72″ clamp-style net

Complete Stiga advantage lite review With Comparison:

Use: Indoor

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: ‎90 Day Limited

Color: ‎Advantage Lite

1. Table surface:

The Stiga Advantage lite ping pong table surface is 2 pieces.

Both of these pieces can be folded and rolled nicely, and due to this the table can be easily stored and moved without any hassle.

Its surface does not warp or bow like plywood because it is made from particle board. And its apron is a 75″ welded steel tube that balances the surface and protects it.

 Stiga advantage lite ping pong table surface

The thickness of the Stiga Advantage lite table surface is 1/2–inch thick (12.7mm). Which is less than the Stiga advantage, advantage pro, and ST3600 tables.

But at 12.7mm (½) thickness, the ball bounces well.

In addition, the smooth playing surface of the Stiga advantage lite ping pong table is very lightweight than the Stiga advantage, advantage pro, and ST3600 tables.

2. Legs And Frame:

Its legs and frame are made of alloy steel, which makes them durable and high-performance under harsh conditions.

Alloy steel also prevents the legs and frame from rusting.

Eight legs support this table. There are two 2″ black caster wheels under each of the four mid-legs of the table.

Stiga advantage lite ping pong table legs and frame

In addition, there is one leg leveler located under each of the remaining four legs.

And the black caster wheels can be easily attached and removed from the table. In the home, you can move the table from one room to another using caster wheels.

These 2″ black caster wheels also have a lockable feature. So when you lock the caster wheels before playing ping pong or storing the table, the table doesn’t move.

When the table is on an uneven surface or carpet, the leg levelers will balance it or level it. And it also prevents the floor from scratches.

The leg thickness is 1″. which is good but less than Stiga advantage, advantage pro, and ST3600 tables.

3. Best For:

The Stiga advantage lite ping pong table is designed for family use. It is a recreational and lightweight indoor table tennis table that is best for beginners.

Also, you can use it to learn ping pong and improve your skills.

People of all ages can play single or doubles ping pong matches on this table, and it will provide them with a lot of enjoyment.

Additionally, it couldn’t be better for intermediate and professional players of a ping pong game.

4. Use For Other Purposes

Like the Stiga Advantage Pro or other tables, it is possible to use the Stiga Advantage Lite ping pong table for other purposes or games.

As well as playing ping pong, you can use this table for 4 other activities.

The First is:

1. Playback position:

When you want to practice ping pong games alone. Just fold up one piece of the table and remove the net. After this process, the table comes into the playback position or single-player practice. And then you can use it for practice.

2 Beer Pong game

3 Ping Pong Bowling game

4 Dance Around The Table game

5. Is the Stiga Advantage lite Indoor or Outdoor table?

The Stiga Advantage lite is an indoor ping pong table. The reason is that all its parts are made of materials that can only withstand the indoor environment.

And it can not endure outdoor environments.

It can be easily fit for playing in the office room, game room, basement, and garage. And without any problem, it is easy to store in a small place.

Note: Your garage won’t damage the table if it’s not too cold or too hot.

6. Does Stiga Advantage Lite Table Easily Assemble?

Yes, the Stiga Advantage Lite Table is indeed assembled easily and quickly. It comes 95% preassembled out of the box.

So you have to only attach the four pairs of lockable caster wheels with their legs. Besides that, no assembly is required.

Two people can comfortably complete this process. And it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. It would be best to use a standard wrench for this task.

Remember that the assembly method for the Stiga advantage pro and the Stiga advantage lite tables is the same.

7. Is The Stiga Advantage Lite Table Easy To Move And Store?

Yes, the Stiga advantage lite table is easy to move and store. Because two pieces and the legs of the table become foldable.

For its storage and movement, remove the net from the table surface. and fold up both halves of the table and then fold the 8 legs.

After these steps, you can move and store it using the caster lockable wheels. Don’t worry if you have a small space because it takes less space, and you can store it in a small space.

8. What Is Included?

Only the net and post set is included with the Stiga advantage lite recreational indoor ping pong table.

So you will only get a Basic 72″ clamp-style net and post set with the table. Balls and paddles are not included.

  • Safety latch system.
  • Net and post set is quickly and easily attached and removed from the table.
  • Net and post set includes height adjustment and tension.
  • Suitable for children and easy to assemble
  • Providing convenience, mobility, and an excellent surface
  • 10-minute quickplay design
  • Lightweight table than other tables
  • Store easily in a small place
  • 90-day warranty
  • Consistent Playing Surface
  • Its leg and tabletop thickness is less


If you are looking for an affordable ping-pong table, the Stiga Advantage Lite Table is a great choice.

It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and can be stored in a small space. The safety latch system ensures that the two halves of the table will stay together during play.

It is quick and easy to attach and remove the net and post set that comes with this. The table also provides an excellent playing surface for recreational and beginner players.

But the only drawback is that the table surface and leg thickness are less than other tables. All in all, it’s an ideal ping pong table for home use and family activities.

After reading the complete Stiga advantage lite review. We hope this guide will help you to decide whether it is the right table or not for you.


Is it suitable for children?

Yes, it is a great option for children as it is easy to assemble and lightweight.

Is the playing surface smooth?

Yes, the playing surface is quite smooth and provides excellent ball control.