Stiga Advantage Pro Review 2023 (High Level Thickness)

Stiga Advantage Pro Review

In the ping pong market, there are some special tables made by Stiga that come among the top tables, and the Stiga Advantage Pro is one of them.

Do you want to know about the Stiga Advantage Pro in detail?

If Yes,

So in this article, I will tell you step by step about the Stiga Advantage Pro ping pong table.

Like how is the Stiga Advantage pro in assembly? Is it easy to store and move? And can it be used for other purposes? It’s not just that.

So learn more about the Stiga Advantage Pro table without wasting time.

Table Weight And Dimensions:

Play Dimensions: 108”L x 60”W x 30”H

Playback Dimensions: 66”L x 60”W x 64”H

Storage Dimensions: 28”L x 60”W x 64”H

Weight: 211 Pounds

Table Parts Made From:

Table Top Made: MDF

Legs Made: Alloy Steel

Apron Made: Steel

Other Specification:

TableTop Thickness: ¾ 19.05mm

Leg Thickness: 1.6”

Apron Thickness: 1.5”

Leg Levelers: 4

Lockable Wheels: Total 8

Net Style: Clamp

Warranty: 90 Days

Stiga Advantage Pro Review: Complete In 10 Points

Stiga advantage pro review
  • Table Top: 2 Pieces
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Weight: 211 Pounds
  • Color: Advantage Pro
  • Warranty: 90 Days

1. Table top:

The Stiga Advantage pro table top is made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard.

The MDF table top is always moisture-resistant and durable, but it is neither waterproof nor water-resistant.

Also, MDF is much better in terms of performing in some areas than real wood. The Stiga advantage pro table surface thickness is 19.05mm (3/4”) which gives two benefits.

Stiga advantage pro table top

The first benefit is that you can create a better bounce on this than on other tables. The second benefit is that it increases the strength of the table surface.

In addition, this tabletop thickness is larger than the Stiga advantage, ST3600 table, and advantage lite table tennis table.

The sides and corners have a plastic cover that will protect the table during the storage and transport process.

The table top is 2 pieces. It has also been painted using automatic repeat roller coating for a better playing experience.

The two pieces of the table can be folded up for quick and easy storage and transportation.

2. Legs And Frame:

Alloy steel is used to make the legs and frame of the Stiga Advantage Pro.

Alloy steel makes the legs and frame of the table corrosion-resistant, high strength, and high strength-to-weight ratio.

The legs of the Stiga Advantage Pro are better than the legs of some Joola full-size tables. And Its leg does not wiggle like some Joola full-sized tables.

This table has 8 steel legs. Each leg thickness is 1.6 inches, and each leg size is 1.5 square inches.

Stiga advantage pro legs and frame

Each of the four mid-legs has two 4-inch premium lockable caster wheels. And there is one leg leveler on each of the other four legs.

The caster wheels have a locking mechanism. so when locking the caster wheels this table does not move during play and storage.

And one person can easily move the table from one place to another on caster wheels whether it is on a linoleum floor or carpet etc.

If your floor is not %100 even, the leg levelers create a flat surface and balance the table. As well as the levelers save the floor from scratches.

Furthermore, the legs are easily installed and uninstalled as well as folded and unfolded.

3. Net

The Stiga advantage pro also comes with a tournament-grade 72-inch clamp-style net and post set.

By simply grasping the spring-activated clip, the net can be easily and accurately installed and removed.

Stiga advantage pro net

For tournament play, this heavy-duty steel post with a 72″ cotton bend net is ideal.

It also has height-measuring tools along with precision tension adjustment to help you play like the pros every time.

This net and post set price is 38 dollars and its weight is 2.26 Pounds.

4. Best For

The Stiga advantage pro regulation size table is best for beginner, intermediate, and professional players. And it is also great for a family than other tables.

On the Stiga Advantage Pro Table, 2 people or 4 people can easily play and enjoy ping pong whether they are kids, adults, old, tall, or short.

It is a great tool for those who want to learn ping pong and improve their ping pong skills. Its playability and quality are better than the SportCraft table.

On this ping pong table surface, players can perform top spins, cuts, slices, and trick shots along with excellent ball control.

5. Use For Other Purposes

Ping pong isn’t the only use for this table. It can also be used for six other activities.

In this way, when you feel like you are getting bored with just playing ping-pong, you can try these six.

1. Playback position:

When you are alone and want to play ping pong or practice ping pong. For this, you simply remove the net and fold up one half of the table.

2. Can use for pool table

3. Beer Pong game

4. Ping Pong Bowling game

5. Dance Around The Table game

6. Dining room table

6. Can the Stiga Advantage Pro easily go up and down a narrow staircase?

The answer is yes. It can easily go up and down a narrow staircase with no problem at all. To make this possible, the first step is to remove the net from the table.

This will separate the table into two pieces. Then, remove the caster wheels from both pieces of the table and fold the legs of both pieces.

After that, you can easily move each piece of the table up or down a staircase without any problem.

7. Is the Stiga Advantage Pro an outdoor or indoor table?

The Stiga Advantage pro is a tournament-quality indoor table tennis table. So you can only use and store it indoors. And cannot use it outside.

For play and storage, it comfortably adjusts to the living room, game room, rec room, company break room, garage, and basement.

And it can even be stored in a small room. And remember, it can not warp in the garage whether it is cold or hot.

But when you store it, you should ensure that the table is getting the least amount of air possible.

8. Does Stiga Advantage Pro Table Easily Assemble?

Yes, the Stiga advantage pro indoor ping pong table is easily assembled. Because it comes 95% pre-assembled.

There is just a little bit of work to do, which can easily be accomplished by two people in 20 to 30 minutes.

To assemble it, you’ll need a socket driver and wrench.

9. Is The Stiga Advantage Pro Table Easy To Move And Store?

Yes, the Stiga advantage pro table can easily be moved and stored. After 3 steps one person can easily move and store it.

In the first step, you will remove the net from the table. In the second step, fold the legs of both pieces and then fold up both pieces. In the last step, unlock the caster wheels lock.

one person can easily move it from one room to another room. And it can be stored anywhere whether it is a tight space, medium or large. But it can not fit in a small place for playing.

10. What Is Included?

The Stiga advantage pro comes with only a net and post set. Balls and paddles are not included in his package.

  • Great for narrow stairs
  • The perfect gift for the whole family!
  • Quickly and easily assemble
  • High quality 2 piece ping pong table
  • The best table for home practice
  • Easily to store and move
  • Safety latch system feature
  • 3/4''-thick table top gives Excellent Bounce
  • Not weatherproof  
  • Sometimes screws fall out


The Stiga Advantage Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy playing ping pong in the comfort of their own home.

It is a great tool for those who want to learn and improve their ping pong skills, or just have fun with friends and family.

It’s easy to assemble, store, move, and use in playrooms, garages, basements, or any other room. The table has good quality and can be used for 6 different activities.

However, it is not designed for outdoor activities and sometimes some screws may fall out. Overall, the Stiga Advantage Pro table is a perfect option for players of any level – from beginner to experienced.

The Stiga Advantage Pro can deliver a great ping pong experience to your home. Get your family together and enjoy playing different games with this amazing table!


Is the Stiga Advantage Pro a good table for recreational play?

Yes, the Stiga Advantage Pro is a great table for recreational play.

What country is Stiga made?

Stiga has been made in Sweden. The company itself was founded in 1934 and has become a leader in the global table tennis industry.

Stiga produces high-quality tables that are designed to be durable and reliable so they can withstand years of regular use.