The Ultimate Stiga advantage review: Storage Friendly Table

Stiga Advantage Review

There are many indoor ping pong tables but the Stiga advantage competition-ready is a high-quality indoor table tennis table.


It comes with an excellent surface and sturdy legs and frame, providing a level playing field that ensures accurate bounces.

Making the assembly process and breakdown simple, while the playback feature allows you to practice even when you don’t have another player available.

The Stiga Advantage provides an unbeatable playing experience with amazing precision and control.

When not in use, it can be compactly folded away, making it an ideal choice for individuals with a limited amount of space.

Plus, it has eight 3-inch caster wheels that allow it to move easily even on carpeted floors.

With all these features included in one package, the Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table is sure to provide endless entertainment for everyone!

To see all its parts and features in detail. See the full Stiga advantage review in this article.

Table Dimensions And Weight:

Storage Dimensions 28” L x 60” W x 64” H

Play Dimensions 108” L x 60” W x 30” H

Playback Dimensions 66” L x 60” W x 64” H

Weight: 201 Pounds

Stiga Advantage Table Parts Made

Table top made: MDF

Legs and frame: Alloy Steel

Other specifications

Table Top Thickness: 16mm (5/8 Inch)

Leg Thickness: 1.2″

Leg Levelers: Only 4

Wheels: eight

Net: Tournament Grade 72” Clamp-Style

Stiga Advantage review Step By Step in Detail

Stiga Advantage Review

Number of players: 4

Assembly Required: Yes

Color: Blue or Advantage

Warranty: 90 Days

Table surface

In the ping pong table, the most important part is the tabletop or playing surface. This part will give you a terrible experience if it is not made of high-quality materials and its thickness is low.

The surface of the Stiga Advantage is made out of a 5/8-inch thick MDF board with PVC laminate.

stiga advantage ping pong table surface

MDF is an indoor environment-friendly material. In other words, it protects the tabletop from indoor elements that can damage the tabletop.

The tabletop thickness is 16mm (5/8 Inch). This 16 mm comes in medium-thickness. The medium thickness of ping pong tables is from 16mm to 19mm.

And the medium-thickness table is best for beginner to intermediate players. The ball bounces well using a tabletop with a 16mm thickness.

Furthermore, its surface has been coated with several roller coats and is striped with silkscreen. The Stiga advantage table top is 2 pieces.

You can separate and fold these two pieces in one minute for different purposes. The Stiga advantage table top thickness is larger than the Stiga advantage lite ping pong table.

Legs And Frame:

The Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table legs and frame are crafted from strong alloy steel. The alloy steel provides remarkable stability for the table, making it resistant to warping and rust.

Additionally, the 1.2″ square steel legs have adjustable leg levelers to guarantee that your 5/8-inch MDF playing surface is always well-protected and level, even on uneven floors.

stiga advantage ping pong table legs

Also, there is a self-opening design on the legs that enables them to be automatically deployed from a storage position to a play position when you open and close the table, making setup and take-down incredibly easy.

Plus, an additional spring-loaded safety latch system on the underside of the table locks the tabletop into the upright position for added safety, giving you peace of mind that your table won’t open unexpectedly.

This table is supported by eight alloy steel strong legs. Under each leg of the mid-four legs, there are two lockable caster wheels. and one leg lever under each of the remaining four legs.

Stiga Advantage Net:

The Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table comes with a fully adjustable 72-inch clamp-style net.

It includes two posts with a tension adjustment mechanism to ensure that the net is always tight and level.

Its tension can be easily set by adjusting two nuts at the upright posts and it can also be set at various heights according to your needs or preference.

This offers greater flexibility when setting up the table for different players or playing styles. It easily installs and uninstalls in seconds, thanks to its clamp-style design.

Playback feature:

The Stiga Advantage table tennis table comes with a playback feature which can be utilized if you don’t have a partner to play with.

stiga advantage playback feature

This playback position allows the player to practice their skills and technique against themselves, giving them more time and opportunities to improve.

The playback feature is very easy to activate; all that needs to be done is unfold the one-piece table.

For which people the Stiga advantage is best?

The Stiga Advantage competition-ready indoor table tennis table is perfect for beginner and intermediate players.

It offers plenty of bounce, spin accuracy, and controllability, making it a perfect choice for those looking to take their skills to the next level.

The table is also ideal for families looking for a competitive, yet fun, activity to play together.

The 5/8 inch thick MDF top provides a great playing surface that won’t dent or break easily and will provide years of enjoyment.

But this table is not suitable for highly skilled or professional players, for these players a 3/4”-thick table top is best.

Single and doubles matches can easily be played on the Stiga Advantage ping pong table by people of all ages.

So, if you’re looking for an official-sized table with great features, the Stiga Advantage is a great choice!

Does the Stiga Advantage work indoors or outdoors?

The Stiga Advantage is an Indoor table. It is not designed for outdoor use, and using it outdoors can damage the surface of the table, rendering it unusable.

This table is designed to easily fit in the garage, office, game room, or basement, making it an ideal addition to any home.

All in all, the Stiga Advantage is a great indoor ping pong table that provides hours of fun for players of all ages.

Is it easy to assemble the Stiga Advantage Table?

Yes, the Stiga Advantage table is very easy to assemble. It comes 95% preassembled out of the box and requires only a minimal assembly process.

All you need to do is attach the 4 sets of lockable wheels to the legs (one on each leg of mid-four legs) and set the net between two table halves.

This process usually takes no more than 20-30 minutes and requires only a 14mm wrench and 1/2 wrench (and two people!).

The instructions are clear which makes assembly even easier.

The stiga advantage ping pong table unboxing video.

Can the Stiga Advantage table be easily moved and stored?

Yes, the Stiga Advantage Table is incredibly easy to move and store.

It has 8 black caster rollers that make it easy to transport within a home or other area, even over carpets.

Moreover, Its folding design also makes it possible to store it in a minimal amount of space when it is not in use.

That makes it great for homes and apartments with limited storage or living areas.

It’s even light weight compared to a regulation-sized Stiga table, so you can move it around with ease.

And, its 3-inch lockable caster wheels keep the table securely locked in place when playing or storing.

It means you won’t have to worry about your table moving during or after your ping pong game because it won’t.

Does the Stiga Advantage come with a net, post set, paddles, and balls?

There are no paddles or balls included with the Stiga Advantage ping pong table. It comes with just a net and spring clamp post system.

Although it is possible to purchase paddles and balls separately to complete your ping pong game setup, these items are not included in the package.

  • Affordable price, solid table
  • two safety features
  • Quick assembly with clear instructions
  • Easy to move around
  • Folds up for Convenient storage
  • 8 black caster rollers for secure transportation
  • Ideal for beginner and intermediate players
  • 5/8”-thick top
  • Great blue playing surface that won’t dent or break easily
  • Suitable for Single and doubles matches
  • Not suitable for professional or highly skilled players
  • Sometimes missing parts


The Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table is an excellent table for beginner and intermediate players, as well as families looking to have some fun.

It comes with a 5/8” thick surface that provides consistent bounce and spin accuracy, making it great for honing your skills.

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to assemble, move, and store and is lightweight compared to other regulation-sized tables.

The only downside is that it does not come with paddles or balls, so you will need to purchase these separately.

Overall, the Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table is a great option for players of all ages looking to have some fun or improve their skills.


Is STIGA a good ping-pong brand?

Yes, STIGA is a reputable brand that manufactures high-quality table tennis equipment like ping pong tables, balls, paddles, etc.

Stiga has been in the business for over 75 years and is trusted by players of all levels from beginners to professionals.

Is STIGA a Chinese brand?

No, STIGA is a Swedish company that was founded in 1944. They have offices in several countries and their products are sold in stores around the world.

Is table tennis good for the brain?

Yes, table tennis is a great way to exercise both your body and mind. There are several benefits to playing this game:

it helps the human body develop hand-eye coordination and agility as well as increases concentration levels.

Plus, playing regularly can help improve memory and reaction time.

Where are STIGA Ping Pong tables made?

STIGA ping pong tables are manufactured in Sweden, Mexico, China, Germany, and several other countries.

But many of Stiga’s ping pong tables are made in Mexican factories.

What is the highest quality of ping pong ball?

The 3-star ping-pong balls are considered to be the highest quality and most durable of all ping-pong ball varieties.

These are used in professional tournaments around the world.